Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tribal Gathering

With the Mayan tribes and their funky calanders insisting that the world is going to blow into tiny smithereens this winter, it's probably quite appropriate that tribal is one of the most prominent trends this season. With any luck, it will remain in fashion until the fatal day in December so we can at least look the part. I am of course hoping that this day is non-existent, and the dear Mayans just got a tad confused. A simple misunderstanding of glyphs perhaps. I can see it now, I just manage to scrape together the final pennies needed for the Mullberry Bayswater and that's it. The calendars have spoken...

On a slightly less morbid note, I am overjoyed that the classic Autumnal tribal trend has made it through to the spring/summer months. Sometimes, I'm just not feeling the flouncy florals and pretty pastels. I need something a bit more wild; something outrageous yet tame in comparison to the flamboyant UV neons that I really can't pull off. Here are just a few of the many, MANY tribalicious goodies that I have my beady eye on for the summer, regardless of how crap the British weather is.

Cream Tribal Earrings
Miss Selfridge - £5.00

Aztec Patch Backpack
ASOS - £30.00

Aztec Racer Back Mini Dress
Topshop - £28.00

Ethnic Style Braided Bracelet
Mango - £14.99

Silver Oval Aztec Ring
Miss Selfridge - Now £3.50!!

Silk Tribal Trouser
Karen Millen - £140

Black Aztec Embelished Tunic Top
River Island - £100.00

Feather Ear Cuff
Topshop - £16.50

Alamo Intarsia Sleeveless Jumper
Wildfox - £150

Amsterdam Western Ankle Boots
ASOS - £70.00

Ethnic Style T-Shirt
Mango - £14.99

Wrapped Tassel Collar
Topshop - £25.00

Sparkle & Fade Aztec Print Maxi
Urban Outfitters - £40.00

Curve Geo Band Ring
Topshop - £8.50

Ikat Jumper
Mango - £22.99

Aztec Flat Front Shorts
Tophop - £30.00

Triangle Hoop Drops
Topshop - £10.00

Blue Aztec Shirred Maxi
Miss Selfridge - £33.00

Nail Rock Tribal Print Nail Wraps
Urban Outfitters - £6.70

Navajo Backpack
River Island - £40.00

Tribal High Waisted Denim Short
Miss Selfridge - £32.00

Printed T-Shirt
Mango - £19.99

Grey Aztec Print Sweat Dress
River Island - £20.00

Embossed Skinny Jeans Belt
Warehouse - £20.00

Coral Aztec Print Leggings
River Island - £18.00

Navajo Print Vest
Denim & Supply by Ralp Lauren - £45.00

Safari Sandal
Office - £50.00

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