Friday, 14 October 2011


Now, I LOVE a good jumper. With my onesie collection underway and my mulled wine Yankee Candles purchased, I am well and truly getting in the festive spirit. Ok, so its slightly early, but my 2011 jumper collection has been undergoing construction for a good couple of months now, and due to the highly anticipated chilly weather, I can finally don the Autumn/Winter wardrobe without completely overheating and spending my days feeling moist. The high street is currently packed wall-to-wall with gorgeous Autumnal jumpers, and once again I am completely out of control. Every year the urge to cram my wardrobe full of brand new jumpers ready for the winter months dawns upon me. The fact is, I don't need a fine-knit oversized H&M jumper in cream, caramel, chestnut-brown, taupe, petrol-blue, burgundy, raspberry-red and mustard; but to cater for any occasion and play it completely safe, I have naturally gone for the full package. Yes, in the space of a month I now officially own H&M's knitwear section. As Christmas draws closer *resists urge to whack on Bing Crosby* I will undoubtedly be on the hunt for the ultimate festive knit. For now though its all about basic Autumnal jumper goodness, so here are some of my recent purchases and current high street reccommendations:

ASOS Pom Pom Jumper - £65.00

Zara Fair Isle Chunky Knit Jumper - £35.99

Whistles Leather Insert Sweater - £135.00

H&M Fine-Knit Oversized Jumper - £15.99
H&M Striped Scarf - £15.99

(Purchase of the Month)
Zara Metallic Sweater - £45.99

American Apparel Fisherman Jumper - £66.00

Topshop Oversized Crop Jumper - £45.00

French Connection Boxy Knit - £77.00

H&M Oversized Bobble Jumper - £25.00

Zara Shimmer Sweater - £35.99

Allsaints Marquis Square Jumper - £120.00

Mango Loose-Fit Sweater £42.90

Zara Twisted Yarn Jumper - £45.99

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Topshop Knitted Stich Top - £40.00

H&M Oversized Striped Jumper - £15.99

Topshop Knitted Fair Isle Collar Jumper - £38.00

Topshop Knitted Tie-Back Jumper - £40.00

Monday, 10 October 2011

Life's More Fun In An All-In-One

In my former University life, most evenings would consist of ridiculous fancy dress outfits, a broken camera, the cheapest alcohol going, and waking up at 4pm the following day in the clothes I wore the night before, with a few random people scattered around my bedroom floor. Nowadays, in the midst of my post-education depression, I find myself coming home from work and snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of Yorkshire tea and Coronation Street. Sometimes, I even go all out and light a Glade scented candle or two to really set the mood. I can barely handle two nights out in a row nowadays, let alone a weeks worth of them, and when you get to the stage in your life when a night on the sofa watching Casualty is more appealing then a night on the lash, you know that you are no longer a student. Yes, I am 90% ready for the retirement home and I haven't even had a career yet. Anyway, as I waded my way through the lunatic asylum that is Primark on a Saturday afternoon, I could't help but notice their rather fetching collection of onesies. Yes, adult onesies. I'd seen these ridiculous inventions used as a last minute fancy dress option, but I must say, they are a vital component for any post-university night on the sofa with a good book. Sorry Ann Summers, but gone are the days of sexy, feminine nightwear; this season the adult onesie has entered my life and I am a fan! Comfortable, snug, easy to wash and perfect for cold winter nights; step aside pink chiffon chemise, the leopard print all-in-one has taken over. This is probably the start of my slightly premature mid-life crisis…

Primark Leopard Print Onesie - £10.00

Topshop Dalmatian Onesie - £36.00

Penguin Adult Onesie - £39.99
Available From

Jack Wills Striped Cotton Onesie - £69.00

Primark Women's Onesies - All £10.00

Fleece Frog Onesie - £44.95
Available From

Fleece Aeroplane Onesie - £44.95
Available From
(Yes, it is for men. Yes, I would still wear it)

If this existed, I would own it.

Fleece Teddy Bear Onesie - £29.85
Available From

Cotton Sheep Onesie - £27.95
Available From

Jack Wills Grey Polka Dot Onesie - £69.00

Fleece Penguin Onesie - £44.99
Available From

Primark Fleece Dalmatian Onesie - £10.00