Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Watch This Space

It is only fair to admit that over the past few weeks I have been an absolute disgrace when it comes to blogging. Balancing my glamorous social life, my particularly time consuming job, and this treat of a fashion blog has not been easy, but I am back on top form and ready to blog my heart out. The past few weeks have not been my finest in all honesty. My GHD's blew up pre straightening-sesh and my beloved plaited leather shopper from Zara has well and truly sold out in tan. Probably because Olivia Palermo is an absolute beast and has been plastered over numerous fashion magazines donning the beaut. I have a crap handbag and an inexplicable 80's style afro; never ideal. Whilst mourning for my tan leather shopper, I decided that what would definitely cheer me up is a new watch. I have never really taken much notice of my watch in the past. Gold, shiny and water resistant; what more could one want from a timepiece?! Having recently had a cheeky browse of the Michael Kors cabinet in John Lewis, I can safely say that my watch has been put to shame. My wrist deserves nothing more than to be wrapped in Michael Kors goodness, but with a tasty price tag ranging well above the £200 mark, I decided that I would hunt the high street for something slightly more bank account-friendly. After all, I'm still saving for my Mulberry Bayswater. Mulberry always comes first…

Two-Tone Tortoiseshell Chronograph Watch
Michael Kors - £239.00

Brown Tortoise Detail Bracelet Watch
River Island - £25.00

Interlink Watch
Oasis - £40.00

Gold Digital Watch
Casio - £45.00

Retro Digital Watch
ASOS - £20.00

White And Gold Chronograph Watch
Michael Kors - £219

White Bracelet Watch
River Island - £25.00

Cream Plastic Strap Watch
Toy Watch - £140.00

80's Pastel Pink Buckle Clasp Watch
Timex - £53.00

Cheapo Plastic Watch
ASOS - Now £14.50!

Pastel Jelly Watch
ASOS - £18.00

Pure Brown Leather Watch
Pandora - £230.00

Large Round Retro Watch
Urban Outfitters - £24.00

Rose Gold Chronograph Watch
Michael Kors - £199.00

Gold Tone Round Face Watch
River Island - £28.00

Gold Watch
Sekonda - £44.99

Cheapo Digital Watch
ASOS - Now 21!

Classic Retro Digital Watch
Cassio - £30.00

Silver Bracelet Watch
Sekonda - £39.99

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