Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Art From The Heart

Back in my (sorely missed) High School years, I was always a massive fan of the creative subjects like Art and Graphic Design. Maths would never quite sink in, I spoke French in my German oral exam, and all my Science teacher could say in my end of term report was that I had 'really lovely eyelashes'. But deep down in my heart there was always a little soft spot for Art and Design, a talent which I pray I still maintain as that's pretty much all I've got. Art and fashion have always shared a common bond, an almost symbiotic relationship, and in the contemporary fashion world we can distinctly witness this revolution and fusion of the two entities. The colours and textures used within many famous pieces of both vintage and modern art can be linked with the boundaries of fashion design. Besides the art of fashion photography, which has provided some of the most amazing images ever taken, fashion can also be said to have inspired many artists in the same way that designers are inspired to create beautiful clothing. Here I have gathered together a collection of just some of my favourite art-inspired outfits.

Lord Frederic Leighton

Claude Monet

Rosie The Riveter

Adolphe - William Bougueraeu

Thomas Eakins

Pablo Picasso


Salvador Dali

Gustav Klimt

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Georgia O'Keeffe

Roy Lichtenstein

M.C. Escher

Theodore Gericault

Charley Harper

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Ric Stultz


L'Instant Taittinger

Lawrence Yang

Alphonse Mucha

Quint Buchholz

French Revolution Poster

Vincent Van Gogh

Salvador Dali


Monday, 26 September 2011

Free As A Bird

Recently it's become blindingly obvious that the world of fashion has become a tad obsessed with birds. I don't know why, I don't care why - I am a fan. This slightly unusual bird obsession of mine was triggered a few months back, by non other than Mr. Ted Baker. I think it's fair to say that Ted loves his bird prints (along with patent shopper bags), and often incorporates the cheeky animal on any garment he has going. Sometimes just the bird, sometimes the odd cage, sometimes a delicate combination of both; but whatever bird-related design it is, it works. As I began looking beyond the joys of Ted Baker, I realised that most shops on the high street have jumped onto this feathery bandwagon and there are birds absolutely everywhere. Clothing, stationary, footwear, bags, jewellery; you name it, and nine times out of ten it comes with a bird or two on it. From glamorous blouses to palazzo trousers, to the odd cheeky piece of lingerie, here I have compiled just a small bird-like collection of some of my current high street must-haves.

River Island Chiffon Blouse - £35.00

Topshop Tattoo Bird Tee - £18.00

ASOS Pussybow Blouse - £28.00

ASOS Bird Print Jumper - £35.00

ASOS Exclusive Trousers - £35.00

Dirty Pretty Things Suspender Dress - £86.00
(Available at ASOS)

House Of Fraser Pussybow Dress - £18.00

…a little designer treat….
Miu Miu Sparrow Print Heels - £365

….and a couple of fun accessories to complete the ensemble:

Beyond Retro Umbrella - £18.00

Topshop Notebook - £12.00

Ted Baker Hummingbird Scarf - £45.00

Friday, 23 September 2011

Hat Trick

Some people pull them off, other people shouldn't go near them; but regardless of how well you can model a hat, they are the height of fashion this season and quite frankly I love them. From a gorgeous woollen cloche, to cashmere berets, to wide brim floppy hats; they all scream Autumn/Winter 2011 and deserve a rightful place in any fashionistas wardrobe of wonders. A recent purchase of mine was a gorgeous Marks and Spencer Floppy Feather Hat in caramel. It also comes in Burgundy and Teal (all can be seen in the photo on the right), and in all honesty I was adamant on purchasing all three. As I have been relatively controlled with my spending in recent days, and whilst wandering around the store with one elegantly placed upon my head, I decided that I really didn't need a hat. Not now. Not in September. Cue the sales assistant that tells me it looks absolutely fantastic and really suits me and BOOM, next thing I know I'm walking out of the store with a £20.00 floppy feather hat in Caramel. No remorse whatsoever. Here is a little collection of other hats I have recently spotted around and about the current high street, that I am sure will shortly be joining my caramel M&S number over the up and coming Autumn months.

M&S Floppy Feather Hat £19.50

Miss Selfridge Floppy Hat - £25.00

M&S Grosgrain Bow Cloche - £18.00

Topshop Burgundy Knit Hat - £14.00

New Look Felted Fedora - £9.99
ASOS Leopard Rim Floppy Hat - £24.00

Topshop Contrast Beret - £10.00
H&M Fake Fur Hat - £6.99
Accessorize Feather Trim Fedora - £26.00