Monday, 10 October 2011

Life's More Fun In An All-In-One

In my former University life, most evenings would consist of ridiculous fancy dress outfits, a broken camera, the cheapest alcohol going, and waking up at 4pm the following day in the clothes I wore the night before, with a few random people scattered around my bedroom floor. Nowadays, in the midst of my post-education depression, I find myself coming home from work and snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of Yorkshire tea and Coronation Street. Sometimes, I even go all out and light a Glade scented candle or two to really set the mood. I can barely handle two nights out in a row nowadays, let alone a weeks worth of them, and when you get to the stage in your life when a night on the sofa watching Casualty is more appealing then a night on the lash, you know that you are no longer a student. Yes, I am 90% ready for the retirement home and I haven't even had a career yet. Anyway, as I waded my way through the lunatic asylum that is Primark on a Saturday afternoon, I could't help but notice their rather fetching collection of onesies. Yes, adult onesies. I'd seen these ridiculous inventions used as a last minute fancy dress option, but I must say, they are a vital component for any post-university night on the sofa with a good book. Sorry Ann Summers, but gone are the days of sexy, feminine nightwear; this season the adult onesie has entered my life and I am a fan! Comfortable, snug, easy to wash and perfect for cold winter nights; step aside pink chiffon chemise, the leopard print all-in-one has taken over. This is probably the start of my slightly premature mid-life crisis…

Primark Leopard Print Onesie - £10.00

Topshop Dalmatian Onesie - £36.00

Penguin Adult Onesie - £39.99
Available From

Jack Wills Striped Cotton Onesie - £69.00

Primark Women's Onesies - All £10.00

Fleece Frog Onesie - £44.95
Available From

Fleece Aeroplane Onesie - £44.95
Available From
(Yes, it is for men. Yes, I would still wear it)

If this existed, I would own it.

Fleece Teddy Bear Onesie - £29.85
Available From

Cotton Sheep Onesie - £27.95
Available From

Jack Wills Grey Polka Dot Onesie - £69.00

Fleece Penguin Onesie - £44.99
Available From

Primark Fleece Dalmatian Onesie - £10.00

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