Saturday, 1 October 2011


October; one of my favourite months of the entire year. The golden leaves fall from the trees, it's Halloween (the most exciting event of the year other than Christmas), the weather turns cooler, and the fashion is a thousand times more interesting and enjoyable than it is in the bland summer months! There is nothing exciting about shorts and a vest top. Nothing whatsoever. *shudders*
Just as I excitedly (and slightly prematurely) begin stocking up on chunky knits, over-sized scarves, floppy hats, cable knit tights, and beautiful tan chelsea boots, the "great" British weather turns into an absolute beast and provides us with nauseating 30 degree temperatures and blue skies. Whilst most 'normal' people whack out their shorts and make a wild run for the beach, I bitterly sit at home about to self-combust whilst adamantly donning my new Autumn/Winter wardrobe. It will get cold. I will be able to wear my new Featherweight Barbour Winter-Grace Waterproof Jacket. The summer-loving beach-obsessed folk of Great Britain won't be so smug in a few weeks time when it's snowing and I finally get to
release my vintage fur coat from the back of the colour-coordinated wardrobe. Once the rant was complete for the day, I decided to ignore the weather, whack on a horror film, and make a Halloween-themed blog of all my favourite Autumnal high street buys. Because yes, despite the vile Mediterranean weather, it IS Autumn, it IS nearly Halloween, it IS acceptable to start wearing your Autumn/Winter collection, and it IS acceptable to begin the annual raid of the Sainsbury's Halloween decorations aisle. Happy Autumn everybody!

H&M Scarf - £19.99

H&M Ring - £3.99

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