Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Hint Of Vintage.

Everybody loves a good charity shop find every now and again, and for many people (myself most definitely included) it's not always an easy procedure. I love the vintage look; grandad cardigans, silk scarves, battered leather bags....pretty much everything you would find in Urban Outfitters. But rather than forking out my crisp, non-existent £50 notes at the likes of Urban Outfitters, it is so much more rewarding to scout out the same thing but at a fraction of the price. Having only recently lost my charity shop virginity I can't exactly say I'm a pro at getting down and dirty with the endless piles of second hand goods. Cue the beloved Grandmother, who ever so kindly let me loose in her giant charity shop-esk wardrobe last week. Three giant, overflowing M&S bags later and my work there was complete. I even got myself a couple of vintage cameras that have made it several decades through the generations. With my vintage hand-embroided blouse, silk scarf, quilted bag and retro camera around my neck, I'm fit for an Urban Outfitters catalogue. Just with a few extra curves. Here are a few photos of some of my favourites from the collection:

Inside the case of the vintage camera was my Great Grandad's
army number and his name. Adorable.

I ALWAYS appreciate a vintage Radley Handbag

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