Friday, 23 September 2011

God Bless M&S

As I casually strolled around the cobbled sunny streets of Norwich this afternoon, doing a sensible, penny-saving window shop (as always), I could't help but notice it was the grand opening of the brand new, gloriously shiny Marks & Spencers. Surrounded with wall plants and copper columns, Norwich officially boasts the second largest M&S in the country, so naturally I had to check out this colossal beast of a store. I have always been a fan of M&S, the food hall in particular. In my University days, most fellow students scrounged a weekly food shop out of a fiver in Asda or Iceland, living off Pot Noodles and toast; in I stroll with an M&S Finest root vegetable and couscous tagine with stuffed butternut wedges....not really ideal. Asides from their delicious and slightly pretentious food, and of course the extensive collection of lingerie and hosiery that I have always loved, I can't say I've taken much notice of the clothing collections before. Well more fool me! There's elegant blouses, Autumnal accessories and chunky knitwear galore. I was most impressed. As I was handed a plastic champagne glass filled with M&S Finest valencia orange juice, I proceeded to wander around the new surroundings. Here are a few pieces that particularly caught my eye.

Cropped Mohair Jumper - £29.50

Faux Fur Parka - £69.00

Silk Blouse and Camisole- £59.00

Fair Isle Jumper - £45.00

Chiffon Feather Print Top - £29.90

Bramble Stitch Jumper - £49.50

Floral Wool Scarf - £25.00

Mohair Cardigan - £35.00

Leather Trim Jersey Top - £22.50

Colour Block Wool Scarf - £39.50

Cotton Floral Nightshirt - £20.00

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